Home Based Customer Service Jobs: Tips for Finding Legitimate Jobs

Are you looking for a new job? Are you interested in working in the filed of customer service? If so, you may be ready to start a customer service jobs job search. If you were to research online, you’d notice that home based customer services jobs are in high demand. With high gas prices, many job seekers are looking for the chance to limit travel time and expenses by opting to work from home.

Working from home is nice, but there are some risks involved in finding legitimate listings. In recent years, online scammers have started to target hopeful work at home job seekers. While there are hundreds of work from home scams floating around out there, there are hundreds of legitimate home based customer service jobs. Here are some tips on ensuring you opt for a legitimate job opportunity.

Home Based Customer Service Jobs Tips: Avoid work at home

You want to produce job listings that enable you to work from home. So it is only natural that you’d use a search phrase like “work at home customer service” or “work from home.” These are common phrases that many scammers have started to target. It may be within your best interest to experiment with new phrases. Try using the words virtual, home based, telecommuting, offsite, and so forth.

Note that these phrases do not always ensure legitimate work at home listings. That is why additional steps are recommended.

Home Based Customer Service Jobs Tips: Too Good To Be True

Most of us realize that you cannot get rich overnight. Working from home requires the same level of skills, time, and work that it does to hold a job outside of the home. However, many scammers have not changed their ways. You will not make $5,000 a day working from home as a customer service sales agent. Always remember the age-old saying “if it is too good to be true, it likely is.”

Speaking of which, a company hiring for a virtual customer service agent will review resumes and hire applications with a job interview. The difference is that your job interview may be a phone interview. Be weary of a company that “hires” you right away.

Home Based Customer Service Jobs Tips: Research, Research, and More Research

The best line of defense against falling victim to online scammers advertising ways to make money from home is to do research. You’d be surprised the information you can gain from doing a simple search on the BBB.org website or a standard internet search. Let’s say you apply for a job with Company XYZ. They review your application and hire you for the job. You are a bit nervous because they never performed an interview. Before sending off your bank account information (for direct deposit, which is actually a common scam), do a quick search online.

Take the company name, Company XYZ, and plug it into a search on the BBB.org website, a traditional Google search, and so forth. Online scammers typically run decent sized operations. If the listing is not legitimate and if it is a scam, you’ll likely see warnings from other internet users posted online.

As a reminder, there are work at home scams out there, but there are still hundreds (thousands) of legitimate online home based customer services jobs.